Total emergency system automated to bring help quickly when needed.

Lone Workers of Today Have Expanded to Include the Entire Mobile Workforce

Delivery, healthcare, sales, realtors and others have joined the standard field service workers of today and require the same safety standards of never really being alone and always able to reach help easily.

How It Works

Our lone worker solution is built on our MyFlare Platform that brings help when needed, directly to you.

It provides you with a safety Flare that can monitor you upon request and specially incorporates our live worker dashboard that allows your Safety Monitor to find you even if you don’t send a flare.

Introducing “Watch Me Mode”

For dangerous situations where required for work, or for when you just want extra eyes in an uncomfortable or potentially dangerous situation.

Watch me mode turns on a time based system that reminds for automatic check-ins by the lone worker with their Safety Monitor. Check-in can be verbal as well as pressing a button on the screen, providing peace of mind at all times.

Escalation tools in place on both mobile and web dashboard to match the evolving degree of risk.

What Happens When I Send A Flare?

When you push the button or give the verbal command, you instantly send out help requests to the people you set up as well as your Safety Monitor and the contacts of the company that you work for. 

With one touch you send emails, texts, videos, map, call emergency numbers and alert your Safety Monitor where you are and that you need help.

Automated Flares When In Watch Mode

Automatically fire Flares in the event of falls and other events triggered by change in altitude. If you wear a qualified Smart Watch, it can even trigger a Flare based on heart rate and other stress indicators.