Dynamic Call Routing™

Dynamic Call Routing™ Port Nexus

How Associate PLEDGE® with Dynamic Call Routing works

ONLY on the Sprint network today, Callers can choose to route calls to someone predetermined to answer while driver is driving or leave a voicemail.

Now business continues and does not stall in a voicemail.

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Control Phones

Phones are locked and controlled based on their company policy when employees are driving.

Dynamic Call Routing™ Port Nexus

Incoming callers are:

  • informed of driving status
  • offered to re-route to pre-designated support person at callers request
  • Support person can safely reach driver if needed

Outgoing Calls

  • Drivers are challenged by system when trying to make outgoing calls unless
  • Hand free / BT allowed
  • 911 dialed

Messages Released When Stopped

Just like getting off a plane, all messages and notifications resume when driver stops.