Location Management Solutions

GEOZONES – every phone and tablet that has any of our software on it has our own secure and private IOT infrastucture (IQconNexus) built in that does two things.

  1. listens for instructions
  2. broadcast information

We incorporate this technology to enable our IOT infrastructure and ability to communicate with other things. 

This unique structure provides you with the abiltity to use both event based and proximity based solutions that we have  already built out savings tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in development cost on your side and months of time. it is plug and play.

More about IQconNexus here

Doing this gives you the abilty to turn any of the devices in to geo-sensitive systems without additional cost.

here are three solutions today that you can turn on instantly regardless of size of your organization and be up and running in 10 minutes or less.

GEO-ZONE – Location based

  1. Time Clock for asset and for individuals
  2. Safety Zones 
  3. Messaging

ZONE BASED Systems – Event based

  1. Intelligent beacon – HVAC
  2. Theft Detterent
  3. Valueable tracking
  4. Messaging


location management Port Nexus

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location management Port Nexus


Built in to every application & system we have at the core for realtime device and systems collaboration and automation

GeoZone – location solutions

By simply logging in to your portal, you enter an address, draw a circle around it, name it and just like that you have control of any and all of the devices in that area associated with your account.

Uses for this type of GEOZONING

Time Clock– you can access the date time, entery and exit locations and duration stayed in the GEOZONE established. A reporting systems allows you to look up information device or the GEOZONE at anytime and generate a report in csv to incorporate in to your HR system for use. 

Safety Zone- Using the same quick strategy of accessing the map, entering address you can draw a zone and control what happens to the devices while they are in that zone. 

Construction sites, Shop floors and dangerous equipment are examples of use for this type of configuration. This allows you to take control of smart devices to ensure while in an area of the site they are not able to be used for safety. 

Get more granular by adding Sensors that control the zone to a piece of equipment like a fork lift and while the fork lift is moving, the smart phones are not able to be used for a pre-defined radius.

Zone Safe Messaging – The example here that I will use is a Transportation company dispatcher is notified of a weather danger location based and wants any of the trucks entering the area to recieve a message to re-route with directions to display as they approach the area. With Zone Messaging, the dispacther would simply access the portal, draw a circle right clidk on it and enter the information. 

From that point forward until removed or modified any of their drivers will upon entering the zone receive an audio and visual warning with directions as entered. The Dispatcher also gets confirmation of the communication with the driver. 

Another use of this is used in the Lone Worker solution to warn workers based on the rules of the company tempature related and location related information.

See Lone Worker for more information

These are all examples we look forward to working with you to refine them for your needs. Minutes and pennys not months and dollars.

ZONE BASED Systems – Event based

There are many examples of this for School bus and safety zones for Active Shooters. 

These type of solutions are attached to our strong rule engines to ensure other things happen when an event is triggered. 

School Bus

Safer Community

Additional use cases 

  1. Intelligent beacon – HVAC
  2. Theft Detterent
  3. Valueable tracking
  4. Messaging
new customer driven use cases

Control use of phone in areas for privacy

Control use of Smart Device for compliance such as in vehilce while in motion and in hospital to control where a medical professional can dictate HIPAA compliant information. 

Safe to load and unload in warehouse on to truck. Truck is properly docked in bay and now the forklift can load

Chain of custody of expensive bottle of wine. capture movement, angle, tempature and even altitude to ensure proper handling of expensive parishables.