Sight Verify

Sightverify Port Nexus
  • Was it a good thing and the driver avoided a collision? 

  • Was it a last-second attention grab from being distracted?

  • Was it Equipment Failure?

Your systems know the answer, SightVerify brings the answer into focus and shares it with the drivers for automated coaching – following your rules.

Sightverify Port Nexus

Sight Verify

Is our Camera agnostic, secure portal, that consolidates information to create a clear picture as to what occurred when a hard event happens.

It is revolutionary as it consolidates information from your Telematics, Phone and your Camera systems, presenting the full picture of what happened when the camera recorded a hard incident.

Sight Verify has 4 main components

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Sightverify Port Nexus

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Learned Behavior

Safety is a learned behavior, Associate PLEDGE Hard Driving and advanced Analytics helps identify what can be done to improve safety.