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Dashcam technology is about to evolve in to a much more valuable asset. With the release of  a new chipset and 5G; the use of the camera will evolve how they are used, what they are used for. 


PortNexus has been preparing for this new chip by ensuring the systems built for it would be open and communicate with the chip giving it a voice across all systems. 

  • We made sure not to create silos where data of any kind would be kept from other systems. 

  • Our platform embraces Hyper – Development and enables it with open access and sharing. 

As developers, we chose to design our solution so that our clients will always have choices and be able to secure the exact solution they envisioned as technology capability advances. Restriction now will only come from other systems that do not link up with ours. 

This approach ensures you have the best solution possible –  best camera – best software system – best security – best storage – best innovation and use of all data points.  Best of all;  no silos (data, device or technology) to limit the future.

Everything is a component now and replaceable as new components become available.

You can design your exact system, without compromise and because you control it all, you can replace reliance on one company developing the systems you rely on.

With this approach, you can match the camera needed with teh business case with no more square pegs.

You can mix cameras from using the cellphone of the sales person safely mounted to detached cameras from SureCam and others to blend in to the perfect risk management system. enabled by a component system build out strategy, building blocks!

Sight Verify turns the on-device camera and recording microphone of select Smart Phones (others coming soon) into a system that documents what happened when a risky driving event or a collision occurs.

It then provides the ability for management to review the visual and audio components of the event in HD safely and privately for decisioning in a reconstruction situation or coaching for behavior modification.

For more information on Sight Verify click here

See Port Nexus

How It Works

Using the on-device camera, the accelerometer and the GPS built into the device, the company establishes the threshold of Gravity that defines risky behavior for each driving type using the Associate PLEDGE Risk Management Portal dashboard.

These new rules are then pushed to the mobile client (app) residing on each mobile device being controlled by the organization.