nightlockⓇ door security

Connects people, systems and hardware to keep you safer and danger on the other side of the door.

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NightlockⓇ Door Security Port Nexus

NightlockⓇ Door Security Port Nexus

GeoLock Tight

Automates chain of events to protect everyone.

  • Notifies contacts as planned as the door is locking down.
  • Let the 1st Responders know the precise location where you are in the room,
    Room number and floor in the building
  • How many are in the room and where they are.
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NightlockⓇ Door Security Port Nexus

When trouble is at the door and you need to keep it out; only the number 1 provider with 22 years of proven history and thousands of installs will do as our partner to keep you safe.

NightlockⓇ converts any room into a safe room during emergency lockdown for hostile intruder or active shooter events.

  • No mechanical parts to break
  • Designed for wheel chair clearance
  • Thousands of installations
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NightlockⓇ Door Security Port Nexus

Simple to Setup

Specially equipped version of MyFlare provides the ability to set up room level surveillance for when needed.

NightlockⓇ Door Security Port Nexus
NightlockⓇ Door Security Port Nexus

Secure and Protected From Tampering

Once set up the system knows the sum of the parts and has added protection from tampering or modification.

Based in the USA Protection is our passion

Invented the industry 22 years ago and still the #1 provider of  Door Barricade solutions for Emergency Lockdown

NIGHTLOCK® LOCKDOWN Door Barricade  allows a teacher, student or occupant to immediately lock and barricade the door from inside the classroom or office, creating a safe room during a hostile intruder or active shooter situation.

  • NIGHTLOCK® physical door hardware
  • provides a maximum layer of security & peace of mind for Parents, Teachers & Administrators.
  • FAST & EASY TO USE – no mechanical parts
  • currently protecting
  • thousands of campus facilities across the USA such as K-12, Universities, Hospitals, Government, Military, Municipal, Worship and Office buildings.

Integrated with Geo Lock Tight™ beacon technology to facilitate an instant Alert notification upon deployment.