Safety Monitor Port Nexus

Have eyes and ears on the situation and communicate with the worker when needed. You can instantly share your information with first responders to gain help.

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Safety Monitor Port Nexus

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How Do I Know When I Get Alerted?

Companies are provided with a special portal that provides information and access to the worker.

It allows for safe communication and monitoring of the worker and ability to get help to the worker quickly when needed.

Safety Monitor Port Nexus
Safety Monitor Port Nexus

What If I Cannot Find The Worker?

With MyFlare, you can use the dashboard to locate the mobile device tethered to the worker.

Simply log on to the dashboard, find the driver by name, and use the map to see their location at all times.

Draw a Safety Zone

Some work environments are consistently in need of special surveillance. Use the Safety Zone to establish special instructions for each zone. Set it and forget it.

When workers enter the area their systems inherit your instructions and gain a special level of observance.

Safety Monitor Port Nexus