safe messaging

Safe Messaging

Safely notify driver when necessary with text an audio tone. Message management can be one to one or one to many for  enterprise wide broadcast messages.

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A  safe message may be sent to the driver by any of three ways  or a combination of:

  1. A passive alert (primitive tone, three choices)
  2. Typing text in the Message Text pane
  3. Address of a destination,
  4. then click “Send Message”

The message will not be received by the smart phone until the vehicle speed is below the threshold lock speed with the appropriate stop light time determined by your organization during system set-up. The passive alert, if selected will be heard immediately but the message will not be received, as detailed above.

Safe Messaging Port Nexus

Confirmation And Status

Once the text/address information has displayed on the mobile device, the management console will confirm the display by sounding an audible alert and displaying a (5) blue bubble symbol next to the (6) colored steering wheel (status) symbol.

The Status of the drivers handset is indicated per the (7) color coded steering wheel symbols.  The color of the mobile telephone number and drivers name indicates if the handset is in communication with the PLEDGE server.

Red indicates that the handset is not on-line while green indicates to the dispatcher that messages may be received.