This is how we help you manage risk and reduce loss ratios.

Risk Management Port Nexus

Create and enforce your policy

Answering these three foundation questions will set the values that all other systems will follow to ensure compliance.

  1. At what speed do you want mobile devices to lock down
  2. When the device is no longer in motion, how long do you want it to remain locked ( in seconds)
  3. How often should we check to ensure compliance ( in seconds). 
During your set up, a Business Analyst is assigned to your account. They will help your business team explore all options for effectiveness during and after set up stage.

The BA will stay with your organization as your support person to provide continuity of system design and business objective adherence going forward.

Actively manage the risks

Risk Management Port NexusDrivers have mobile devices to be productive and stay connected. Control risk factors such as when they can use the items and how.  

  • LIve Drive will safely manage the communication between dispatcher / driver manager and the driver
  • PLEDGE will control the mobile device while in motion
  • Dashboard Automated Alerts and Alarms will provide instant notification of driving related issues based on your KPI’s
Investigate and Coach to stop unforeen risks

Risk Management Port NexusOur latest invention is connecting all data systems together to provide one screen that tells you what really happend and why it happened. 

  • Periscope will provide management with an overview of risks when there is a hard event.  
  • Sightverify will provide the ability to securely and privately share the information with anyone who needs to know. SightVerify will then collect additional data for liability assessment and proof of effective monitoring and coaching. 

Risk Management Port Nexus

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