Personal safety for today

This special version is being provided to you free to use to help you be safer before, during and after the Hurricane.

hurricane florence announcement

We hope this helps you stay safer before, during and after the storm.

On behalf of the team at PortNexus, we are so sorry to see the storm is headed your way. Being a Florida company on the beach we know how scary that is.

To try and help make a difference, we are waving all costs associated with our MyFlare platform which will help you, your family and friends stay safer during the travels and the storm.

Please distribute this to your family, friends and neighbors to help you all stay safer with the coming storm.

This will give you the safety of letting everyone know when you need help. It will provide the ability for one person to watch you and communicate live with you. It does not interfere with 911.

There is no charge or advertising to use this app. You will have a choice to renew after 30 days if you wish to continue to use.

click to download for free (android only)

For Business

If you are a company or organization please contact us and we will provide the command center that will let you manage your teams and direct safety personnel. 

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Hurricane Florence Port Nexus

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good luck, and stay safe

how it works

Panic Button

When you need it, pressing the digital panic button signal brings help in an emergency.

Hurricane Florence Port Nexus
Hurricane Florence Port Nexus

Follows your pre-determined rules

  • Texts and emails contacts with current GPS location
  • Broadcast Audio/Video clip

User Profile

  • User profile attached to delivered messages
  • Aid in identification
  • Useful for medical emergencies
Hurricane Florence Port Nexus
Hurricane Florence Port Nexus

Report Threat

Sometimes we don’t need panic button, but still need to report threat

Example: Situation where witness doesn’t want to be overheard.

Incident Reporting

Triggers where we want to report something without getting more involved.

  • Bully’s
  • Bad Patients
  • Bad Drivers
  • Suspicious packages
Hurricane Florence Port Nexus


Watch Me brings help directly to you when needed.

  • WatchME is for situations that could become dangerous
  • Emergency brings focus and help quickly.

Watch ME initiates a sequence of events including live contact with the designated Safety Monitor.

The Safety Monitor can see, hear and collaborate with you as needed and escalate the response based on the threat.

Hurricane Florence Port Nexus

Watch Me Mode starts a personal connection with your incident report person (Buddy).

  • For dangerous situation where required or you just want extra protection you can enter Watch Me mode.
  • Watch Me mode turns on a time based system that reminds for automatic check in by the user with your (Buddy).
  • Your (Buddy) can see where you are and start a session to see, hear and collaborate with the User.
  • Automated Safety monitoring times can be negotiated based on risk situation.

Simple to Set Up On the Personal Side

The user sets up a personal version of MyFlare with the contacts and information they want known if in trouble, and go about their day.

Hurricane Florence Port Nexus

simple to use

Change to Watch Me Mode and hit Flare button. Everything will start happening and the Incident report person will receive email and link to see and talk with you over while leaving the phone line open for a person to call you if needed

Hurricane Florence Port Nexus