As the guardian of your family, give your entire family a gift of safety and peace of mind.

Mobile devices bring families closer together – sharing moments, schedules and messages that evrich every family members day. But answering a call or viewing a text at the wrong time can cost your family everything.

PLEDGE Family can help you keep your family safe by keeping your mobile devices from reacting while driving.

PLEDGE loads on any compatible smart phone from any wireless carrier and blocks access to texting, email, and other applications while you drive. You can even turn on auto-reply options to let people know that you are driving and you’ll respond to their message when it’s safe to do so.

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Our “always-on” society leads to the expectation of an immediate response.

To keep everyone informed PLEDGE sends out an immediate notice to the sender that they are driving.
PLEDGE will be adding a personal safe messaging system that lets the sender know before sending that the person is in motion and if they still send the message it will inform them when the driver has received it.

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When the car reaches a speed around 10 mph PLEDGE will become active and control the mobile device the your family has selected.


The Family dashboard is provided to review mobile device activities. Instant alerts may be activated to alert parents of unsafe behavior.

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Protect your family from unsafe phone usage while driving.
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