Control Over Policy

Companies have a duty to protect society from dangers caused by its employees to its best ability. In legal terms this is called Vicarious Liability.

In regard to stopping distracted driving, this means that the company has the responsibility to ensure that the drivers are not creating risks by driving distracted.

The Company starts this with the Corporate Policy, ensures it through monitoring and protects it through enforcement. This is no longer enough, now companies need to prove they are effectively monitoring the drivers and prove they are controlling the driver, devices, access, communications and environment.

Our systems make this easy and  automated to reduce the burden on the company

  • Along with: Locks phone screen while devices are  in motion
  • Routes calls and messages to voicemail or designated  representatives; callers choice
  • Provides different phone-access policies  per user
  • Unlocks phone for emergency situations

Delays call and message notifications to keep drivers focused on the road