Garmin Multi-Camera Solutions – News Flash!

Garmin Releases an all in one 360 Camera for the fleet

Camera Selection Port Nexus

GARMIN DASH CAM™ TANDEM Dual-lens Dashboard Camera

Good availability February 2020 

Camera Selection Port Nexus

Amazing low light Night Vision!

Watch the launch video here


This  complete professional Dash Cam solution will extend the capability of your existing 7 Series Garmin Tablet by attaching to PortNexus Sight Verify Platform for Safety.  Learn more about our platform here


Watch a real video from one here

Let’s talk economics

Buy up to 4 mini-cams per vehile and add them to the platform for less than $90 each one time! 

Add our Sight Verify Platform for only $5.00 per month per vehicle-no matter how many cameras.

Ths will probably be the least expensive camera solution by thousands you can have with quality and full functionality. 

Competitive analysis


  • Platform for viewing – $5.00 per month
  • Additional cameras – $89 one time


  • Platform for viewing – average $30. per month
  • Additional cameras average $300 each.

If you don’t already have one consider using the Garmin as your tablet for computing power. 

  • rugged
  • touch screen for forms fill in 
  • apps can be added.

Learn more about  our special package here

Camera Selection Port Nexus

Use your Garmin 7 series tablet as your forward facing camera and add mini cams as needed 

Click here to learn more

Save Money

  • Simplify deployment and maintenance
  • Plug in and get exactly what you need
  • Mix and Match based on use case
Camera Selection Port Nexus

Sight Verify brings it all together Learn more

Camera Selection Port Nexus

Need 360? now you have choices!

1. Cpature the exact angle you want with up to 4 of these powerful mini cameras plug and play and capture any angle you need

These cameras may be small but check the specs out here.

2. Garmin Dash Cam Tandem Dual-lens Dashboard camera



Camera Selection Port Nexus

Periscope is included – learn more

Simple implementation
  1. Set up your organization & Sight Verify Portal – (PortNexus will help)
  2. Download the link provided to the 7 Series
  3. Dock the Garmin 7 Series so that the camera on the back can be your first Dashcam capturing what the driver sees. (Docking system included with 7 Series)
  4. unbox and assemble the mini-cams
  5. Plug everything in to the power source
  6. Start Driving

My Set up took less than 15 minutes – will take longer to hide wires or use a installer for professional installation.

Ready to give it a try?

Camera Selection Port Nexus

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