Build Choices Port Nexus
Build Choices Port Nexus
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Build Choices Port Nexus
Build Choices Port Nexus
Build Choices Port Nexus
0 – mph – device locked down before vehicle moves

We have cracked the code of using Sensors to control devices based on proximity. Challenges to effectively accomplish this have been: 

  1. How to keep a drive by vehicle from locking a bystanders device that may be in the area but not intended to be controlled.
  2. Combine proximity, speed & location to control based on the location of the sensor

As developers we have the ability to resolve issues others may not be able to and have. 

Best of all, we use off the shelf beacons to simplify purchase and use in your organization. 

If this is the solution you are seeking, place an order below to prove it out directly from the manufacturer without markup.

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0- ? exact speed control locks at exactly the required speed

We have waste management companies as clients that expect the device to begin governing the mobile devices on spring movement. Reason for this is as they  hop from house to house, they are full gas and then full brake. They want the device to lock and unlock at exactly 1 mph. AND it does.

Long haul carriers are also wanting the devices to be governed at 5 mph to be the same standard as the control of ELD. AND it does.

What ever your requirement, use of OBD’s such as Geotab or MX will perform to your expectation.

If you already have Geotab, buy the cable and lock down based on your speed requirement. If you don’t currently have Geotab and want it for speed control and ELD – HOS, fleet management we will be happy to provide it below or provide alternatives.

Secure your test equipment below            

select obd solution
not exact works for you? use the  GPS systems to govern your devices.

No additional equipment is needed and as long as you have sky; we have spent years perfecting the use of GPS to control the device governance based on GPS speed.

The challenge is that it is not an exact speed that it locks rather the passing of satellites to tell the device to lock down and unlock. 

We have determined that 4 satalites must be active to keep false locks from happening. 

Test this without additional equipment  

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Guided help by our experts

During set up please don’t hesitate to ask one of our experts for help.