Z7.) Appendix C > Use of a Log File for Forensic Investigation

To gather information about driver activity leading up to an incident  the Individual, Department or Archive tabs may be used in a normal manner.  Watch Dogs notifications may be used for the same purpose.  Information gathered from these sources is a result of a driver breaking your corporate distracted driving policy.

Additional information about the actions of your driver prior to or after the incident may be interpreted from a log file.  To obtain a log file select the Live Drive tab on the management console, select the driver in question, select the  (1) Get Device Information menu item, and then select (2) Get Today’s Log File.  Log file data is recorded over a 24 hour period midnight to midnight.  The log file is purged and starts rerecording at 12 AM (midnight) of each day.  It is important to retrieve the log file on the same day of the incident.

how to download a pledge trace log file for forensic investigation