Y.) Live Drive > Trace File for Trouble Shooting

Should you have a PLEDGE enabled handset that is not operating properly, the device information panel may provide troubleshooting assistance.  Once PLEDGE settings are confirmed on the panel and modified on the console  and the handset is still not functioning, login to the PortNexus website and enter a request for service ticket.

Once your IT staff has begun a dialog with PortNexus

Support, PortNexus may request a trace/log file from the handset that is not operating properly.  The trace/log file will allow PortNexus support personnel the ability to diagnose the handset remotely.  The trace/log files contain complete device status settings and application details that are not listed on the retrieve device information panel.  Log file data is recorded over a 24 hour period midnight to midnight.  The log file is purged and starts rerecording at 12 AM (midnight) of each day.  It is important to retrieve the log file on the same day of the incident.

To send a trace/log file to PortNexus from a device, click on the PLEDGE icon and press the menu button.  Click on upload trace/log file.

uploading driver's smart phone trace log file from the device from the pledge management console