Pledge Enterprise

C.) Organization Settings

Input organizational setting in management console; such as threshhold speed, stop light time, etc

B.) Installing the PLEDGE Management Console

Install the Associate PLEDGE Management Console 

A.) Installing PLEDGE - Installation Steps

Installation overview

Pledge Driver Experience - Android

This video shows what the driver will experience when Pledge is installed on their Android smart phone.

Pledge: Driver Manager

This video explains how a driver manager can search for driver activity.

How to safely Dispatch information to a driver

This video demonstrates how a dispatcher can safely dispatch information and directional instructions to a driver. 

Virtual Management System (VMS)

How to relieve the HR department of enforcing driving policy.

Watchdogs - Monitoring Driver Activity

This video demonstrates how to create Watchdogs - management personnel that will automatically receive driver incidents as they occur as well as daily reports.

Change Audio Tones

How to change the safe messaging audio tones for either low, medium, or high alert levels.

Edit Driver Information

How to edit a driver's name, email address, and moving drivers between departments & organizations.


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