Pledge Enterprise

Z.) Live Drive > Find Driver: Satellite Map Option

Toggle between map and satellite view when tracking drivers

Driver Tracking

Find a track a driver, either stationary or in motion

V.) Live Drive > Safe Messaging: iOS Driver Experience

What the driver will see, and when, on their iPhone after a safe message has been sent

U.) Live Drive > Safe Messaging: ANDROID Driver Experience

What the driver will see, and when, on their Android device after a safe message has been sent

Safe Messaging and Passive Alert System

Sending a safe message to a driver

R.) Live Drive > Send Audible Warning to Driver

Send an audible alert to a driver through the management console

Watch Dog - Automated Driver Reports

How to setup managers as Watch Dogs to recieve instant and/or summary driver activity reports

Time Fencing

How to setup Time Fencing:  Which time of day and days of week when PLEDGE is active

O.) The Management Console > Archive Feature

How to setup and retrieve archived driver activity reports

Map of Incident Location

How to view the map location of a driver's incident from the management console


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